Using Logstash + Filebeat combination pros and cons

Hi everybody.

I'm getting my first ECK environment in Kubernetes. It has 3 MasterNodes, 3 DataNodes and 2 nodes for Kibana LoadBalancer.

My next target was installing Logstash, as my first idea was having some beats sending data to Logstash, and using Logstash as a centralized point to filter, discard and enrich data before being sent to Elasticsearch. But now, after some reading, I realized that it doesn't seem to be offitially supported by Elastic.

I just wanted to know from people of the community how important is having a Logstash in a ECK environment. Can I currently replace its functionallities with other ECK components?. Will I face extra difficulties if decide to add it or manage without it?.

I will be working in a multiclient pool, so being ready for a lot of different scenarios is important for me.

In case you suggest to use it. Any link with updated info about how to do it with current ECK versions?

Thank you very much in advance and best regards.

Carlos T.

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