Using logstash for a propietary application stack


We have an application stack where several different components hosted on different servers talk to each other.

The components are as below,

  1. Apache Http Server - Web Server
  2. IBM Websphere Portal - Web Application Server
  3. Documentum Platform - Middleware Server
  4. Oracle - Database Server

Below is a brief overview of how the system works.

  • User sends a http request to the web application
  • The web application receives the http request and sends a RPC call to the Middleware
  • Middleware receives the RPC call and sends a Database call to the Database
  • Middleware receives the response from the database
  • Webapplication receives the response from the middleware
  • Webapplication sends out an http resopne

FYI, RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call

Basically the entire flow would be something like HTTP request -> RPC call -> Database call/response -> RPC Response- > HTTP Response
All the 4 different components mentioned above are hosted on completely different servers.
As you can see, debugging becomes difficult and time consuming when an issue happens in one of these components.

Any suggestions you may have on how can we have a central logging/data flow system using logstash to make debugging/troubleshooting easier would be really helpful.

Please also find the attached screenshot.

That depends entirely on what log output your stack generates.

Given the use of HTTP you could also use Packetbeat.

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