Using Logstash need to ingest lat lon values into elasticsearch

Hi Team,

We are using below versions to ingest the lat lon values into Elasticsearch using logstash config file.
Logstash -6.3.2
Elasticsearch - 6.3.2
Kibana - 6.3.2

Data : ( File Name : example.csv )

|cid | |lat | |lon |altitude|
----------------------------- |--------------------|--------------
|8690|17.48501776 |78.35698291 |532 |
|8690|17.48501776 |78.35698291 |532 |
|8690|17.48501776 |78.3569829 |532 |

Logstash Configuration file :

I am attaching my configuration file as well as template filein below mentioned jpeg files.

Here my problem is that we are able to upload the data with "lat , lon" values as in string format even though we are using template file and geo point conversions in logstash configuration file.

We are expecting to store the "lat, lon" values in geo point to represent the map graphs in kibana.

Kibana Output Image File :

Can you please respond on immediate basis its urgent for us to proceed further actions on this request.

@magnusbeack Can you please respond on the above query what ever i requsted.

Please do not ping people not already involved in the thread. This forum is also manned by volunteers, so there are no SLAs or even guarantees of getting a response here. If you have not received any response within 2 or 3 days it is generally OK to bump the issue.

If you do requires defined SLAs and guarantees that someone will look at your issue, Elastic does offer commercial subscriptions.

I do not have time to reproduce your issue at the moment (partially since you have posted screenshots, which is hard to read and prevents me from copying config), but suspect your problem may be due to the fact that you have explicitly mapped the lat and lon fields. Remove these from your template and try to reindex into a fresh index and see if that makes any difference.

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