Using Logstash output for data and Elasticsearch output for x-pack monitoring

Is there a way to use the Logstash output to transmit data collected by the beat and still configure x-pack monitoring?
Currently x-pack monitoring only supports sending data to Elasticsearch directly which means I have two outputs which is not supported and results in the following error:

Exiting: error unpacking config data: more than one namespace configured accessing 'output'

My config:

  hosts: [ "logstash01:5044", "logstash02:5044" ]
  loadbalance: true

  enabled: true
    hosts: [ "elasticsearch01:9200", "elasticsearch02:9200" ]
    username: beat_system
    password: "${beats_system}"

Imho it's necessary to be able to send Beat data through Logstash while still utilizing x-pack monitoring.

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