Using match_phrase_prefix against a filtered/queried subset of my index to reduce max_expressions requirements

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Goal: To seamlessly autocomplete addresses while utilizing synonyms.

I have tried to use a standard tokenizer (so that I can use synonyms for
each word) and utilize a match_phrase_prefix but that gives me issues. Two

  • If I type in "500 m" or "500 ma" it will not return the result i'm
    looking for. This is because "madison" is far down the expressions list. I
    have to go up to around 750 max expressions in order to get this to work
  • If I type in "500 madison a" it will return no results. This is because
    it can't get to "ave" within it's max expressions. I have to go up to
    around 7500 max expressions in order for this to work properly.

And that's just not a reasonable solution for autocomplete.

Question: Is there a way to do a filter or preliminary query to get all
results that start with 500. THEN use only the possible matches of that
query for a match_phrase_prefix query? Meaning the demand for max
expressions will be FAR lower.

Maybe there is a different way entirely to do this?
Maybe there is a way to take position into account when calculating the
phrase prefix possibilities?
Maybe each number can be a "type" in my index? Would this mean that the
phrase prefix possibilities would be less?

Synonym Filter:
"synonym": {
"type": "synonym",
"synonyms_path": "analysis/address_syms.txt"

"str_index_analyzer": {
"tokenizer": "standard",
"char_filter": [
"filter": [

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