Using multi terms in duplicate search?

Hi all,

Got a question. Is it possible to use multi terms in searching for duplicates?

I tried:

logs/_search?pretty=true' -d '{
  "size": 0,
  "aggs": {
    "duplicateCount": {
      "terms": {
      "field": "recipient",
      "field": "submission_time",
      "field": "delivery_time",
      "field": "sender",
      "field": "path",
        "min_doc_count": 2
      "aggs": {
        "duplicateDocuments": {
          "top_hits": {}

It looks like it shows hits for each filed separately. I also tried an array, but got an error that array is not supported in "terms".

Any tips? Is it possible?
I tried to make sure that I have all the data and I unknowingly created some duplicates :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a nice day.

Any ideas?


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