Using NFS mounted server in a DR environment as elasticsearch data path

I have been trying to use production mount point as a NFS client and created a DR environment using NFS mount point as data path.

Starting elasticsearch is giving error that it is not able to obtain lock as it doesn't either has write permission to this data path or multiple elasticsearch are running with same data path.

First question will this work if all my data is one server and that server's file system gets NFS to the other DR server.

If yes why the error above. If no what could be the possible reason for it.

Please help resolve.

Please read this section in the docs where it outlines common issues running Elasticsearch on distributed file systems like NFS as they may not work exactly like local storage. Using distributed storage also often results in very poor performance.

Elasticsearch stores data about the node in the cluster state (stored in the data path) so you can generally not use this with another node, e.g. a DR node. The proper way to handle backup and restore to a DR environment is through the snapshot and restore APIs.

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Thank you for responding. To store snapshots data is using docker minio a good option? Or is there a limitation on that?

A shared file system like NFS can be used. I think you can use Minio as well but have not done this myself.