Using non-timestamp field in dashboard visualisation

We are using elastic search index with multiple timestamp fields(e.g. T1 & T2). One of the time-stamp (e.g. T1) we made it as "timestamp" field in Kibana to be used to vary with time. We have created a visualization where X axis is non-timestamp field(e.g. T2) and included the same in dashboard. Now we would like this T2 on x-axis of this visualization to be changed based on changes in time on upper right hand corner of Kibana (which is set as T1).
Is there any way we can achieve this in latest Kibana ? e.g. by using some scripting in search bar of visualization?


The time range set in the upper right is going to filter the set of docs for every operation you do in the application, based on the date field you've associated with it (T1). So the range of the x-axis you've set to T2 isn't going to match the range in the upper right hand corner.

One thing you could do is re-create the kibana index pattern and deselect the checkbox saying "This index contains time based events". You could then filter each individual visualization based on the time field of your choosing. Filters get saved along with a visualization object, so you could have visualizations filtered by T1 and T2 side by side on the same dashboard this way. You lose some usability in exchange for more flexibility, but the tradeoff might be worth it for you if you need that much flexibility.

Thanks for suggestion, but some how this problem I did not observe in latest ELK version. The T1 and T2 both changes as per the time on upper right hand corner of Kibana.