Using official nodejs elasticsearch npm package on AWS Lambda Docker container sets the Content-Type header to [text/plain]

I am trying to publish a document to my self-hosted elasticsearch running on AWS. I wrote my code in nodejs, using v18 LTS, using @elastic/elasticsearch npm module version 8.10.0. When I run my code locally, outside of Docker, it works and my document is published. When I run it as a Lambda function from AWS, it fails with the following error:

ERROR	Promise was not fulfilled {
      status: 'rejected',
      reason: ResponseError: {"error":"Content-Type header [text/plain] is not supported","status":406}
          at SniffingTransport.request (/var/task/node_modules/@elastic/transport/lib/Transport.js:479:27)
          at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
          at async Client.CreateApi [as create] (/var/task/node_modules/@elastic/elasticsearch/lib/api/api/create.js:43:12)
          at async Promise.allSettled (index 1)
          at async Runtime.processEvent [as handler] (/var/task/index.js:105:27) {
        meta: {
          body: [Object],
          statusCode: 406,
          headers: [Object],
          meta: [Object],
          warnings: [Getter]

Once I received this error I modified my client creation to the following:

elasticsearch: {
        //node: process.env.ELASTICSEARCH_HOST,
        node: {
            url: new URL(process.env.ELASTICSEARCH_HOST),
            headers: {
                'content-type': 'application/vnd.elasticsearch+json; compatible-with=8',
        auth: {
            username: process.env.ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME,
            password: process.env.ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD,
        tls: {
            ca: fs.readFileSync(process.env.CA_FILE),
            rejectUnauthorized: true

and I call const esClient = new Client(elasticsearch); to create the client. I still get the same error when I try this. My Dockerfile is simple

FROM amazon/aws-lambda-nodejs:18
# Copy only the files for running in Lambda
COPY package*.json .
RUN npm ci --omit=dev
COPY . .

CMD [ "index.processEvent" ]

I cannot figure out why the Content-Type header is being set to [text/plain]

I ran the Lambda locally on a Mac and it was successful. So, running locally with the same Dockerfile works and running on AWS Lambda does not.

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