Using one device to send metricbeat data from multiple devices


I have a use case, in which I want to use one instance of metricbeat to send its own data + metricbeat data from a different instance.
The scenario is as follows:

Device A

  • Has internet access
  • Has ethernet connection to Device B
  • Is currently pushing its own metrics to ELK

Device B

  • Has no internet access
  • Has ethernet connection to Device A
  • Has no metricbeats running, but is desired to

Is there a way to specify an output on Device B configuration, that Device A can take as an input? This way, both metrics from Device A and B will be pushed to ELK.


i think that you can achieve this by setting up Metricbeat on Device B and configuring it to send its metrics to Logstash running on Device A. Then, on Device A, you can configure Logstash to receive these metrics and forward them along with its own metrics to Elasticsearch.

Thank you, that sounds reasonable!
In the meantime I also found what I can only describe as a workaround.
I solved it by running an HTTP proxy on Device A, and configuring the IP and port of Device A as a proxy on the output in Device B configuration, which seems to be doing the job as well.

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