Using PIT for searching but update a doc an be able to see it change

I am using a search query and I save a snapshot of the results using PIT(point in time). My problem is that I updated one of the document that is in the result. when I paginate between the pages I still get the old status of this document.
How can I solve this problem?


But PIT is meant exactly to keep consistent results. It's a Point In Time. So whatever happens after, it won't appear in your results.

Question is: why are you using PIT then?

I am paginate between multi pages. when I do this action I need to save the docs that I started to see and not getting new docs that enter the DB when I change between pages. but I still want to see update that occur in the snapshot docs that was created.
Maybe there is other way to get snapshot and still see update? As I see, this is not possible with PIT.

You can't do both. You need to be either consistent or not.

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