Using scripted fields in Kibana?


I have an interesting use case!(of course, it might not be interesting for others :stuck_out_tongue:) i am sending packet beat flow data to elastic search. While analysing the data in kibana i want few custom tags so i opted for scripted fields. But, the problem is i have source.ip and dest.ip in each indexed document and want to assign a name based on these ips dynamically by getting these ip to host mapping from a centralised place. can i do that in painless or is there any alternative to that?

@Venky_Guntakindapall there's not a way to do that using scripted fields currently, however you can use the Dns filter plugin in Logstash to do so. The other benefit that you get from doing this in Logstash when you're indexing the data is that the searches will be much faster.

okay @Brandon_Kobel i will look into that. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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