Using scroll and different results sizes

Hey all,
We use ES as our indexing sub system. Our canonical record store is
Cassandra. Due to the denormalization we perform for faster query speed,
occasionally the state of documents in ES can lag behind the state of our
Cassandra instance. To accommodate this eventually consist system, our
query path is the following.

Query ES -> returns scrollId and document ids-> Load entities from
Cassandra -> Drop "stale" documents from results and asynchronously remove

If the user requested 10 entities, and only 8 were current, we will be
missing 2 results and need to make another trip to ES to satisfy the result
size. Is it possible to do the following?

//get first page with 10 results
POST /testindex/mytype/_search?scroll=1m {"from":0, "size": 10}

POST /testing/mytype/_search?scroll_id= {"size":2}

I always seem to get back 10 on my second request. If not other option is
available, I'd rather truncate our result set size to < the user's
requested size than take the performance hit of using from and size to drop
results. Our document counts can be 50million+, so I'm concerned with the
performance implications of not using scroll.



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