Using secrets in the heartbeat http monitor proxy url

Our proxy server requires credentials. I don't want these in plain text in the heartbeat configuration and would there like to add them to a keystore and use syntax like:

proxy_url: "http://${USER}:${PASS}@myproxy:80"

This doesn't seem to work. The heartbeat logfile displays the following error:

2020-10-20T15:29:45.460+0100 ERROR [reload] cfgfile/list.go:96 Error creating runner from config: job err missing field accessing 'proxy_url' (source:'xxxxxxxx.yml')

Should this work? If not is their an alternative? If it should, any idea what I am doing wrong?

Could you please share the full configuration of your Heartbeat instance? Also, the debug logs would be useful as well (./heartbeat -e -d "*") and the list of keys defined in your keystore (./heartbeat keystore list).

Thanks very much for respoding kvch.

I can do this yes but it will take time for me to remove some sensitive content.

Before I do this, would it be unreasonable to ask whether the syntax I have used should work? I can confirm that both keys are definitely available in the keystore.

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