Set proxy in heartbeat

I am trying to use a proxy for monitoring an url.
I found this option:
proxy_url: socks5://user:password@socks5-proxy:2233

I have a proxy without auth so this is the what I have created:
proxy_url : socks4://<IP>:<PORT>

But it seems to be wrong. Does somebody know the correct syntax?

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Could you please share your configuration formatted using </>? Also, debug logs would be useful to see what is going wrong.

Also, can you confirm that you're using a SOCKS proxy, and not an HTTP one? An HTTP proxy would have an http prefix for the URL.


Thanks for your responses. Here is the config:

- type: tcp
  schedule: '@every 10s'
  hosts: ["<HOST>"]
  ports: [443]
  proxy_url: 'socks5://<IP>:<PORT>'

Is it true it only supports socks5 proxies and no socks4? When I use socks4 proxy, he doesn't recognize the scheme: socks4://.
And it is a socks5 proxy which I am using.

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