Filebeat to logstash using proxy_url

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Can somebody provide practical use case to use proxy_url when connecting logstash using filbeat output.logstash plugin?


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Did you already check out the docs here?

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Hi Ruflin,
I am not good in networking.

We have F5 and A10 load balancers in our environments.
Can I use proxy_url setting using SOCKS5 protocol to send message to logstash behind this load balancer?


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Or other way round:

What kind of configurations need to be supportd by F5 and A10 load balancers or reverse proxy, when we want to use above configuration? (proxy_url)

I understood one thing is, it should support SOCKS5 protocol. Is that correct? anything apart from this?


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If your intended architecture is FB -> LB -> LS then you don't need a SOCKS5 proxy. You can just point the Logstash output in Filebeat at the load balancer. But be aware that the connection to LS is persistent (see

                                         +----->  Logstash 0
                +-------------------+    |            .
Filebeat  +-->  |Load Balancer (TCP)|   +------>      .
                +-------------------+    |            .
                                         +----->  Logstash n

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your comment.
Just slight more information about our network.

There is a DMZ in between, client(filebeat) and the logging infrastructure (Logstash). Load balancers are in front of DMZ.
Now please guide me, How to proceed? Whether with proxy_url or without?


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