Using short URL human-readable slugs

For regular short URLs I can browse to /goto/<short url id> to have Kibana expand the short URL for me, but I can't find any information on how to use the human-readable slugs that the new API can generate, e.g. witty-deep-pillow.

I've tried /goto/witty-deep-pillow and that didn't work. I also tried guessing other possible alternatives like /slug/witty-deep-pillow and /goto/slug/witty-deep-pillow but no success.

I know that there is an API call to expand the slug, but I want to have a short URL based on the slug that Kibana expands in the browser.

Question: How are the new human-readable slugs supposed to be used in the browser?

Hello @tomhe,

Currently, the server part of the new URL Service is implemented, and as you have mentioned it is possible to resole the short URL on the server. The browser part of the new Short URL service is expected to land in 8.1, then it will be possible to "expand" short URLs with slugs on the browser.

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