Using where filter with multi values field on data table


I used to work on Splunk and working with multi values field, and it's easy break multivalue fields using "stats x by xx" command and perform a where filter after.

We considered this log with multi values field :
{ "multivaluefield" : ["toto","kiki","123"] }

Ex of the Splunk Query :

| index="test"
| stats c by multivaluefield
| where multivaluefield="toto"

The splunk result will only return "toto" value.

Instead of ELK, i perform split using data table then Buckets --> split rows by multivaluefield.
I tried to combine using query dsl to only filter on "toto" value :

"query": {
"bool": {
"must": [
"regexp": {
"multivaluefield": "toto"

But, elk returned all result of my multi value field :frowning:

How i can perfom the same behavior of Splunk on ELK ?


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