V1.2 Branch Has dropped! But how to use it?


Looking to build the operator to run in an on-premise deployment of OpenShift. I see sections for development setup to deploy to gcloud with make deploy but I'm still not sure how to build this to run in OpenShift.

Thanks for any help.

ECK 1.2 is not released yet. Once it is released installation instructions will be on the documentation website https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud-on-k8s/current/k8s-quickstart.html

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Thank you for the reply! I think I was a little vague in my question, but I was asking about how to build it prior to release so that our team can leverage the Enterprise Search addition within our cluster.

We realize this is a little odd and I appreciate your time, I'm still digging into the project (I haven't touched Go since 2015/2016), but we're hoping to not have to generate throwaway deployment scripts for App Search and to instead beta pilot your 1.2 branch.

I was able to run make elastic-operator successfully on the 1.2 branch but I'm seeing a reference in the generated all-in-one to a docker registry I don't think I have access to: docker.elastic.co/eck-dev/eck-operator-sean.placchetti:1.2.0-57988b48

Here is a non-released, non-official, dev build candidate of ECK with support for Enterprise Search: https://download.elastic.co/downloads/eck/1.2.0-bc3/all-in-one.yaml
You can install it as you would do for a normal ECK release (kubectl apply -f <url>) and follow the Enterprise Search docs for the upcoming 1.2 release.

Warning: this is not an ECK release manifest. It has not been extensively tested and may contain bugs, use it at your own risks. Definitely not recommended for production environments. You should use the official 1.2 release instead as soon as it's ready. We will not provide support if anything goes wrong with it.

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Thank you @sebgl and thanks again @pebrc, I appreciate the work and the disclaimer, double thanks for even including the docs. I promise not to fuss about its current state, but if we can help test it out in any way, please let us know, we're always looking to contribute.