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I have inherited an application that uses v1.7.3 elastic search. To enable searching Chinese characters I installed

plugin install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-analysis-smartcn/2.7.0

But when searching for words with 阿你他 it does not return anything. But if I search one character at a time
阿 or 你 or 他 it works.

Other than installing the plugin is there any other configuration or reindexing I need to do?


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If you trying to search '阿你他' as phrase, then you should use "match_phrase"
GET /index/type/_search
{"match_phrase" : {"field": "阿你他"}
If you simply want to search all document with either character 阿 or 你 or 他
GET /index/type/_search
{"match" : {"field": "阿你他"}

P.S. I use the newest version of ElasticSearch 5.5.2, it work fine for me.

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