V5.1 query_string vs v2.4 query_string concerning to stopwords

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Hi all,

I have a situation similar to the one described in this thread Stopword with Query_string. In ES 2.4, the query_string worked perfectly with stopwords, if we properly specified the analyzer in query time.

However, after upgrading to ES 5.1, that problem occurs, even if I specify the analyzer during query time. The query_string doesn't find documents if the query term contains any stopword.

Does anybody know if there is a change in query_string concerning stopwords from 2.4 version to 5.1?

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I'm considering default_operator = 'AND'

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Hi all,

I've just realized that I'm using some fields in the query_string that aren't analyzed with the stopword analyzer. In the previous 2.4 version, all the fields were analyzed by it, and that's why it worked.

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