Validate file with logstash-file-input plugin


I am working on a project that uses Logstash to parse some csv files. For this the Logstash “file-input-plugin” is used where new files are read from a path and the parsing is done.

However, I am trying to implement a validation to this flow: whenever a new file is captured, calculate its SHA DIGEST and call an endpoint and validate that it’s a valid file.

DISCLAIMER: My experience with Ruby is NIL . Mostly accustomed to Java.

Regardless, I was going through the logstash file-input-plugin source ( and I saw that they had used a package named “filewatch/tail”. Searching for it lead me to this repo:

I found that they call a method “subscribe” of FileWatch::Tail at

Can I get some guidance as to where exactly can I write into something to have the custom logic – calculate file DIGEST -> Call endpoint and validate -> if valid then process file else raise an error – whenever a new file is grabbed?

Your time and guidance will be much appreciated.


I wrote those changes to the file input.
The file input does not have a facility for this - the part you would want to hook into (but can't now) is the file discovery loop which scans for files to the 'to-be-processed' collection.

The only way you can do this is to script something yourself using a staging folder...

  1. new files go into a staging folder -> staging
  2. a script monitors for new files, does the digest + compare.
  3. move file to a valid folder -> valid
  4. LS detects the file in the valid folder and begins tailing it.

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