Validation schedule for [xpack,fleet] was already registered

Morning all, while upgrading Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana this morning to 7.12 from 7.10.1 on Windows Server, I received this error in Kibana. As a result, I am unable to start Kibana.

Elasticsearch and logstash are running fine, but I am a little stymied.

Since X-Pack is already registered as part of the installation "Kibana now contains X-Pack by default" what are suggested next steps?

This is the error in question:

Do you have any fleet related settings in kibana.yml? There have been some deprecation related to Fleet recently. Can you post those settings here so we can check them? (it's fine if you only have the keys and not the values for them)

If I did have any Fleet settings, they would have been defaults. We have never configured them. If so, where would I pull those in order to provide them for this feed?

kibana.yml file.

This is the only fleet statement:
xpack.fleet.enabled: false

can you comment that out or delete it and try to start kibana again?

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