Value Boost Multiply Via Elastic Cloud Relevance Tuning Dashboard

Hi all -

I am using Elastic Cloud along with the React Search UI. I would like to add a value-based multiply boost to a number facet called year. In the Elastic Cloud dashboard, the Relevance Tuning section doesn't allow you to choose if a value boost show should be an 'add' or 'multiply' boost. Functional boosts give you the option to choose between 'add' and 'multiply' but I don't think that will work for me because I only want to boost 1 year out of 20.

I am working around the issue by manually adding the boost to the search query on the UI side. While this works all my other boosts are done in the dashboard and it would be great to have them all in one place.

Below is the boost I am manually adding and a screenshot of a value boost in the dashboard with no add/multiple select.


boosts: {
  'year': [
      'type': 'value',
      'value': 2022,
      'operation': 'multiply',
      'factor': 1.75,

Hi @tchocky,

Thanks for raising this, it's an interesting gap between our request API and the UI capabilities. Do you have a support relationship with Elastic? If you do, I suggest you reach out via support and ask to file an Enhancement Request. If you don't, I can file one for you, but they tend to get more traction with a customer behind them.

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