Values for alert variables are not coming in Uptime recovered email alert

I have set up email alerts for uptime down and recover status. But with recovered status, values for alert variables like state.monitorName, state.monitorUrl are not coming.

Version is 7.12.1

Hi @dyadav. Apologies for the delay.

Unfortunately this is a limitation on our side. These variables aren't working properly for resolve actions.

There is an issue to track AlertTypes can't provide an AlertInstanceContext on recovery · Issue #87048 · elastic/kibana · GitHub .

In 7.13.0 we have improve the functionality a bit if you enable alerts using the toggle in the monitor list. The resolved message for alerts created with this toggle will include monitor name and url. However, alerts created with the alert dropdown on the Uptime page will still experience the issue you've described.

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Thank you Dominique for the update. Will try the toggle option after upgrading to 7.13.0

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