Uptime monitor status missing alert variables for Recovered status

I have an Uptime monitor status alert with an action configured to run when "Recovered". I'm using the following message template for the action:

OK - Monitor {{state.monitorName}} is {{state.statusMessage}}.

Both state.monitorName and state.statusMessage are empty when the alert triggers. This is only when the alert runs when "Recovered". This is not a problem when the alert runs when "Uptime Down Monitor".
This is happening in Kibana 7.12.1.

Hi @bwright1558 Apologies for missing this one.

yes it's unfortunately a limitation at our side, which we are trying to resolve, these variables aren't working for resolve actions.

this is an issue to track AlertTypes can't provide an AlertInstanceContext on recovery · Issue #87048 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

in 7.13.0 which is upcoming release, we have improve it a bit only in case if you enable it using a toggle in monitor list , it's resolve message will include monitor name and url. Since that's essentially hard coded.


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