Alert recovery not triggering connector action


I am trying to have Kibana send active and recovered alerts into an index, however only active alerts get sent there while recovered alert do not generate an entry inside the index. The following configuration is used for the monitor:

  • Uptime monitor
  • Checks every 1 minute
  • Notify "On status changes"
  • Triggers on "ANY MONITOR IS DOWN > 1 times WITHIN THE last 3 minutes"
  • Action 1: Send to Index connector when "Uptime Down Monitor"
  • Action 2: Send to Index connector when "Recovered"

With this configuration, alerts are triggered, but only shows in the index on trigger, no recovered alert is sent into the index (basically the action 2 is not executed). I check my index with the following request:

GET /custom-monitoring-alerting/_search
  "query": {
    "match_all": {}

Thanks for your help.

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