Kibana alerts

I implemented Kibana alerts (Kibana v7.9.1) with log connector, so all alerts are logged in Kibana log.
There are 2 problematic points I noticed when I define an alert with trigger type ' Uptime monitor status' :

  1. The monitor id is shown in Kibana log for monitors which are down. Monitor ID (coming from heartbeat's field) is not something very useful as it is a kind of internal ID. Monitor name ( field) would be much more informative but I can't find how to make Kibana show it via available alert variables. Is there still a way to have them directly in Kibana's log (and not starting a painful process of querying heartbeat index to find it as I have an automatic process analyzing Kibana log for alerts).
  2. When a few monitors are down, Kibana alert JSON does not list them all but gives a laconic "Down monitors: auto-http-0X1D669D723820E47E, auto-http-0X3864865524D4C8ED, auto-http-0X4753A98F9FDB4680... and 19 other monitors" Is there a way to make Kibana show the full list of monitors with status 'down'?

Thanks for providing this feedback Igor. The good news is that we have some fixes for both of these issues that are targeting our upcoming 7.10 release. The tracking issue is .

When this feature is released you'll be able to log a line per down monitor and pick more fields! We'd appreciate your feedback once it's out, since I think it should solve your issues.

The new default log line message, btw, follows this template:

Monitor {{state.monitorName}} with url {{{state.monitorUrl}}} is {{state.statusMessage}} from {{state.observerLocation}}. The latest error message is {{{state.latestErrorMessage}}}

Thanks a lot for the update. Looking forward for v7.10 release

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