Heartbeat send other fields in alert message

We created Alerts for Heartbeat Monitors on our Cloudinstance (7.7).
Currently the alerts are working, but the content which is sent to the Slack channel is a bit weired.
There are a lot of IDs like the following one:Down monitor: auto-http-0X34F47F1C6APD8A0B
We have correct and accurate information in the alert message, but how is it possible to access this message to get i.e. the url.domain attribute or the one of the custom fields?

Thank you.

That's a great point. We should have the default message include URLs. I've created an issue to track this.

However, you should be setting the monitor.id attribute, which if not specified is autogenerated, and is the source of the gibberish you see. That value is what uniquely identifies a heartbeat monitor. Any change to the configuration block for that monitor will cause confusion in the UI if that's not specified because we can't know if the change represents a new logical monitor or an alteration to an old one. See our docs for examples.

Worked. Thank you.
This property was not that clear for me :slight_smile:
But please also think about an edit button for the uptime alerts and maybe a templateing possibility for alerts.
Would be nice to have a somthing for that :+1:

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Hey, we're working on the edit button, targeting later this calendar year. There's a lot of machinery needed to go from Kibana -> heartbeat to get into place.

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