Various "nested" problems with elasticsearch 0.17.9 and 0.18.5

Annoyingly I failed to reproduce the original problem I was debugging,
but turned up 2 likely bugs along the way, one of which I think is
significant, the other might be minor. I also believe the original bug
was real even though I can't corroborate that.

1] An index type related problem (as in "http://:9200///"): might just be that the index type can't be
named "nested" - if, looking at the code, that's not the case, then
might be more serious. (observed on 0.18.5)

Steps to reproduce:

2] Delete by query doesn't appear to delete the nested objects
(observed on 0.17.9 and 0.18.5):

Is there an easy workaround (eg for parent/child docs you could use
something like "term": { "parent":"parent#" } to delete the

3] The problem I observed on my dev cluster (0.17.9) that I failed to
reproduce was something like:

  • index 198 objects with 3204 nested "children" (ie 3302 docs total
    in the index)
  • modify the objects originally inserted and reindex (just relying on
    overwrites - the "parent" _ids are specified not auto generated)
  • observe the number of docs is the same
  • run any nested query and get exactly the same error/log exception
    described in [1]

I cannot reproduce this, either by retracing my steps on my dev
cluster (0.17.9) or with simpler abstractions on my clean 0.18.5

I'd be happier it was the error hadn't been the same docset/null
pointer exception from [1] ... somewhat suggesting there's some flaky
somewhere logic that might fail but is not predictably guaranteed to!

Anyway, I'd be interested in your thoughts on [3], and let me know if
you want me to create issues against [1] and [2]
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