Vega, Cross reference between 2 indexes

-- 2 different indexes
-- current_Id in IndexA and doc_Id in IndexB
I have a use case where i have to display data, when a condition current_id equals doc_Id
It should retrieve all records for which this condition is true.

I am using a Vega Sankey Visialisation.
Attempted approach:
I have 2 data sets specified,



Index A gives an array of stk3 bucket

I want stk3 values to be matched against the current_id of IndexB, so that it filters out those records that matches that condition and further aggregation is performed on those selected records.

Error I am currently facing,
'* Infinite extent for field "y1": [Infinity, -Infinity]'

How do I go about this use case?

How do I access the stk3 variable in the second index ??

Any Suggestions ??

does anyone know this?

Hi @bandodkarD. Can you post the Vega code that you currently have? It might help us understand better.

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