Vega Sankey Diagram

Good afternoon!

I created some Sankeys to better visualize certain relationships and they mostly work well. Following the example provided here: Sankey Creation resulting in clean graphs but with a slight issue.

The data corresponding to left and right sides of the sankey have no matching names at all. (Think mailing type and country, ie, Left side is: express, letter, package and the right side is: Canada, UK, USA)

So while the left side looks perfect, the right side does not contain the solid block for each category name, which does not enable a reverse match mouse hover over.

Does anyone know what I need to add to ensure this visual and feature occurs bidirectionally and not just Left to Right?

Additionally, has anyone had any luck with creating a multiple part Sankey? (3 or more pieces, such as Sending Country > Mail Type > Destination Country)

Hi, sorry for being late at the reply, have you solved your issue?

Heya! Thanks for the response.

No, I have yet to find a solution for the sankey issue.

Can you provide me with an example/simplified version of your ES documents and the vega specs you are using? I can check if I can make it work for you

Sure can, will send via PM for now.

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