VegaLite Chart should not respond to certain fields

Hi All,

We have problem related to Vega Lite Visualization. We have a stacked bar trellis chart created in Vega Lite which is working.
Now we want this chart to respond to certain field selections in the dashboards. This chart e.g. should not react to Location field which is not part of this index which is used to build this Vega Lite visualization but the chart should change with TF field which is part of this index.
Or generic requirement is Vega Lite chart should not change with respect to any field which is not available in the index used to create this Vega Lite chart.

I tried to put condition in the %Context%: True but in vain. Kindly help us in this regard.

Thanks & Regards
Suhas Gupta


What happens when you turn on following advanced-setting in Kibana ((go to Management > Advanced Settings)


Set this to true.


Hi thomasneirynck,

Thank you for replying. I tried that option it works fine on the built in charts in kibana. But it is not working for Vega Visualization. When I set to false, even built in charts go blank when a value is selected from a field which is not part of index. For true it works for built in charts only.
Is there any other option which I can try ?

Thanks & Regards
Suhas Gupta

this seems like something I would log in the kibana repo as a feature request. Ideally Vega supports this setting as well.

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