Version compatibility for kibana and elasticsearch


I am new to elastcisearch and kibana.
I have installed elasticsearch ver-6.4.2 that is working fine in my case.

and i just installed kibana ver - 6.5.4 it has been installed succesfully but when i am exposing it via my_ip:5601 then it is throwing a error as "Kibana server is not ready yet".

Please help me to sort out it.

And also please provide proper steps to expose kibana on centos6. now i am trying to expose via changing in kibana.yml file.

Thank you.

Sometime it taks while to show up.
but if it is showing like that from long time. try to restart elasticsearch and kibana.
If you already done that. check kibana log and try to find out what is going on.

why don't you also upgrade elasticsearch to 6.5.4. by the way new version is out 6.6.0

Hi elasticforme,

Thanks for your reply

Yes i have done all above steps and still facing the issue from long time.
and now i am going to check kibana log file, by the way where i can find kibana log file?

Is kibana ver - 6.5.4 not compatible with elasticsearch ver-6.4.2 ?

If so, how to upgrade elasticsearch?
there is no issue with indices backup.

  1. upgrading elasticsearch is easy. download new version. stop elasticsearch, kibana and logstash and upgrade them all. I have linux and I use rpm -Uvh *.rpm

  2. in past when I had this problem it was fixed by removing .kibana_1 indices.
    stop kibana

    curl -XGET http://:9200/_cat/indices?pretty |egrep kibana

    curl -XDELETE http://:9200/.kibana_1

and restart kibana

This will generally fix your listed issue above. I just had same issue when I upgraded my test machine to 6.6.0 from 6.5

But if you follow following link then you won't have such problem.

i am on centos 6.

i also tried this. i deleted .kibana_1, n kibana_2 etc but my issue is still there.

and dont know why now curl command is showing error -bash: curl: command not found

curl is different package. you must have lost path to it.
rpm -qa |grep curl and then
rpm -ql <curl_package_name>

echo $PATH will give you more info.

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