Version conflict - no document found on update-by-query


I am running a self hosted ES cluster with version 6.8.1. I am trying to update some docs using update-by-query API.

It fails for some documents with following error:

version conflict, required seqNo [16893467], primary term [1]. but no document was found

I tried to find the document with GET /index/_doc/<id> call and it returns not found, though doing a _search by query is returning the document.

I also did a re-index and version_conflict_engine_exception is not showing up after reindexing, and also GET /index/_doc/<id> is now returning the doc.

What is the issue with my old index? Any pointers on what the underlying issue might be?

Hi @Balagopal_Kanattil

Didn't you look for another value other than the document id?
Is the document's _id generated by Elasticsearch or do you manage it yourself?

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