Vertical line in vertical bar chart, possible?

Hi, I created a vertical histogram bar chart. My Y-axis is count. X axis is histogram range of the field I am interested in. Is it possible to add vertical fixed value lines to this vertical bar chart? Or add a vertical line indicating the average value? I tried both scripted field and threshold line, however, they all return horizontal lines instead. Is there another visualization can do this in Kibana?

The TSVB (Time Series Visual Builder) visualization type can do this using the "Annotations" feature, but it only works for date histograms on the X axis.

Beyond that you could take a look into Vega: Learn to build rich Vega Visualizations in Kibana | Elastic Blog

It offers a lot of flexibility, but there's also a steep learning curve

Thanks Joe for the reply. I think Vega might be the solution for me. I was able to draw the vertical bar chart with CSV file in Vega lite. However, when I tried to get the field from the Kibana index, I couldn't get it. My chart is count on Y and filed value on X. So I just want to get this one field as follow:

"data": {
    "url": {
      "%context%": true,
      "index": "testindex",
      "body": {
        "_source": ["Volume"]

What is missing here?

Can you copy the full vega spec from the Inspect panel (you have to change to "Debug view" in the top right)

Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. I am having a difficult time finding the "debug view" button. Is it part of Kibana function? I also can't click on inspect button.

It got added recently, if you are running an outdated Kibana version it's possible you don't have that debug view. In this case please follow these instructions to get the spec via browser console: How to submit Kibana Vega question · GitHub

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