Very high CPU usage on one Elasticsearch Java.exe

Hi Team,

I have very limited data in Elastic search. I have hosted my elastic search in VM. Most of the time Java usage more CPU usage. So My site getting slow due to this.
My elastic search version - 2.3.2

Why it happen and i didn't change anything in my elastic search. All the configuration in default only. but jave.exe use CPU from 84 to 96%.

Could you please suggest what i do to reduce this. Some times it reduced (when restart the VM)

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2.3.2 is super, super old. Can you upgrade?

Thanks for response. Problem with upgrade is comparing new version and 2.3.2 lot of ES architecture changed, So we have to modify total architecture for our application when upgrade like Elastic search API access, Add, update and delete logic too. It may impact our DB architecture too. That why we afraid about upgrade.
Can you let us know, possible steps to optimize CPU usage and why it reduced when restarted the VM sometime

It sounds like garbage collection, but you don't have much introspection with such an old version, so they "why" is going to be really hard to say,

Is this help us when reduce heap size / increase heap size? Now it like 1GB default one.

That'll definitely help.

What do the logs show? How many shards and indicies do you have?

Hi @Manikandan_Selvaraj

I also have one application with an old 2.x version and even one with 1.x and can't upgrade for lot of different reasons (acually I already upgrade form 0.9 to 1.x but can't go to more recent because of the scripts :sweat_smile:)!

We also encounter some high CPU (long time ago) and as warkolm point it you need to check the number of shards... We may have different problem but in my case when we reached high CPU we droped some old and useless small indices.
Thanks to curator it's automatic so now we no more have this high CPU problems!

An other problem was one index had ~40% or 50% of deleted documents. You can also check the deleted documents ratio.

Hope it will help you to solve your problem.

Hi @warkolm
This is we have : :{"total":20,"successful":10,"failed":0},
Also we have 9 indices. Maximum document size is 14MB. Where i get logs?
Which one help for us, reduce heap / increase heap?

Hi @gabriel_tessier
How we check deleted document ratio?

You have plugins like head or kopf you click on your index and you can see the stats.

or you can use cat:

I'd start by doubling the heap size, going to 2, preferably 4GB

Hi @warkolm
Final clarification, is this correct way to update the Heap size, Whether we have to mention bin path name when update environment variable? image|673x206. Since i am not expert in JAVA configuration. Also how we confirm current elastic search heap size?

Is what the best way?

HI @warkolm,

I am thinking so but in windows this is the way for set environment variable. I cannot find config file in bin folder as well, I don't know where i need to place the code for elasticsearch file.

Can you please let me know, steps to find existing heap size for elastic search?

You dont have to set the heap size in the environment variable. You find the heap size settings in /elasticPath/config/jvm.options

I am not have JVM.option file in config folder

Ohh, you are using an ancient version of elasticsearch. I don't know where to change it in 2.3

Hi @gabriel_tessier,

Do you know, how we update heap size for 2.x version ES.?

I think @warkolm able to answer this question.


I checked on my instance but it's under linux so for Windows it's maybe different.

Heap size is defined in /etc/sysconfig/elasticsearch file.

Here how it appear in the file.

# Heap size defaults to 256m min, 1g max
# Set ES_HEAP_SIZE to 50% of available RAM, but no more than 31g

For me others options are all by defaults and except the number or shards and number of deleted documents problem that happened early, so far it run from a couple of years without any problem.