Very high CPU usage on some projects

I installed elastic apm on some projects, a front in PHP and some APIs. The front doen not use any database directly only through the APIs and the CPU went crazy for all front instances. We revert the version, which in turn disabled the elastic php agent and the CPU went down.

Today, I selected an instance (from the front and from another high requested API), installed the agent again and the CPU immediately went up. After a few minutes, I disabled it.

There are other people with the same problem as posted on github but no response yet.

We'd love to use Observability on all our APIs and fronts but the cost to maintain high CPU usage is too high.

Any suggestions?

I installed the agent on a new instance and disabled all instrumentations (curl,db,http-client,pdo) and the CPU went up from 10% to 30%.

Then, I enabled db and pdo and the CPU went up from 35% to 60%. Then I disabled the agent and CPU wen to 10% again.

Updating the issue. The Elastic team released the 1.8.1 version and I believe it's fixed.

At 7:15, I installed the agent on 2 instances, one with 1.8.0 (blue line) and one with 1.8.1 (yellow). The CPU with 1.8.0 immediately went up. Ten minutes later I upgraded the blue to 1.8.1 and CPU went down.

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