Induced CPU load by APM nodejs agent if elastic server saturates

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We are instrumenting a nodejs backend with Elastic APM agent. At some point, the elastic server cannot cope with the incoming messages from the agent. I wonder what happens in that case. I understand that such incoming messages will be dropped, and the backend CPU load will not be affected because of this.

Generally speaking, what CPU load can the agent induce in the backend?

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Hello Javier,

Thanks for the question. I'm assuming by "elastic server" here you mean the APM server (i.e. Configuration options | APM Node.js Agent Reference [3.x] | Elastic) to which the APM agent sends event data.

The first important thing to note is that how the Node.js APM agent copes with an overloaded or non-responding APM server was significantly changed in v3.14.0 of the agent (Node.js Agent version 3.x | APM Node.js Agent Reference [3.x] | Elastic).

That is correct (at least with v3.14.0). The APM agent will buffer up to 1024 (Configuration options | APM Node.js Agent Reference [3.x] | Elastic) events and start dropping events if the APM server won't receive them fast enough.

That is a hard question to quantify in general. Often it depends a lot on the application being instrumented. Some disorganized thoughts:

I hope that helps answer your question.


Thanks Trent, yes, APM server. We will proceed as suggested, best


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