Very long gc pause caused by ES

      [2015-09-11 11:49:22,429][WARN ][monitor.jvm              ]

[node-173.65] [gc][ParNew][47112][14482] duration [11.3h], collections
[1]/[11.3h], total [11.3h]/[11.4h], memory [4.5gb]->[3.2gb]/[15.7gb],
all_pools {[Code Cache] [12.4mb]->[12.4mb]/[48mb]}{[Par Eden Space]
[1.5gb]->[157.6mb]/[1.5gb]}{[Par Survivor Space]
[67.5mb]->[79.2mb]/[227.5mb]}{[CMS Old Gen]
[2.9gb]->[2.9gb]/[14gb]}{[CMS Perm Gen]

JVM parameters:











JDK version:

What do you want to know here, because all you have done is post some text and given us no context as to what you are looking for.

any clues why this happens or any suggestions how I can diganose this?

Are you really running Java 6?
What ES version are you on?

yes, java6. 6u45
es version: 0.90.2

Wow, that's really old and you should upgrade ASAP.

How much data in the cluster, how many indices, how many shards, how many nodes.