Vis development, upgrade from 5.4.0 to 5.5.0: Visualization"my_vis" fatal error

Hi All,

I have a custom vis and I just upgraded to new 5.5.0 stack. Now when I try to use the visualisation I get the error

Saved Visualization Service: Visualization type of "mycustom_vis" is invalid. Please change to a valid type.

Somebody just know what chaged or what i missed in release notes ?



do you see your visualization in the visualization list ? (first screen in visualize app)

if not, seems your vis is not getting registered. did you update the version of your plugin to work with kibana 5.5 ?


No, is there where I get the error. And no the plugin was noch changed, updated, are my own, written by myself .
Maybe is the version of kibana somewhere ... i have to check , ok I got it, package json have the version :slight_smile:



I got the next problem, the call:

const module = uiModules.get('kibana/mycustom_vis', ['kibana']);

generate an error:

Error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined (http://localhost:5601/oxd/bundles/kibana.bundle.js?v=8467:184907)

Somthing change on registration of custom vis ? Or I missing something else ?

we switched to named imports ...

import { uiModules } from 'ui/modules';

I didn't get the point, here is my snipplet code,

import uiModules, {uiModules} from 'ui/modules';
import {MyVisController} from './my_vis_controller';
import 'plugins/security/services/shield_user';


const module = uiModules.get('kibana/my_vis', ['kibana']);

the error I get at uiModule.get



import uiModules, {uiModules} from 'ui/modules'


import { uiModules } from 'ui/modules';

Great it works thanks ... here is now the next issue for a java programmer who is trying to get angular plugin run :slight_smile:

import "plugins/my_vis/my_vis_module";
import "plugins/my_vis/my_vis.css";
import TemplateVisTypeProvider from "ui/template_vis_type/template_vis_type";
import myVisTemplate from "plugins/my_vis/my_vis.html";
import myParamsVisTemplate from "plugins/my_vis/my_params_vis.html";
import VisSchemasProvider from "ui/vis/schemas";


here i get the error

Error: Uncaught TypeError: webpack_require(...).register is not a function

Thanks a lot for your patience ...

import { VisTypesRegistryProvider } from 'ui/registry/vis_types';

i suggest you to check code of one of core_plugins (for example tag cloud should be easy enough)

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Thanks @ppisljar

I got all my custom vis working now, Mostly was named imports missing.


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