Visibility rules on search results from elastic


As part of search , we run our search query applying all the filters. After the search results are fetched, we need to know if the resource can be shown to this user. Which is governed by another web service.

Now, if i apply these authorization/ audience type filters myself after getting results from elastic search , it creates a lot of problems like the aggregations count changes post filter. Also, the pagination of results gets impacted.

Is a there a way to apply such rules as hook provided by elastic search. That is if i can implement some java class implementing some interface and then call some web service returning a boolean and then adding the search result to the final collection based on that.

While we love being part of a community here, and we love helping our users work with our stack, I think we need to level-set expectations here. The forums are volunteer-based, and there are no SLAs. If something is urgent for you have to understand this, and if it's that urgent, we offer support contracts with SLAs.

So: please do not ping people directly. If you need direct attention, a support contract is the way to go.


Apologies for sounding that way. I understand and appreciate your hard work for the community and that was more because of the strech to find a solution.

Some pointers on how to approach would be very helpful

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