Visualisation for back-up jobs


I am struggling with finding a solution to visualize the back-up status of different backup-up applications into one single view.
Basically we have several customers with different back-up applications that all are using windows eventlog entries. We are processing them with winlogbeat and dissect them with logstash to make standard fields in the index like “backup.custumer”, “ backup.server”, “backup.application”, “backup.type”, “backup.vm” and “backup.status”. This concept works well for our current list of back-up applications and gives us flexibility.
My current challenge is to visualize this in a single view where my collogues can select a dashboard and see all the latest status for the different customers and back-up applications in this view a bit like below.


The view should sort the “VM backup” per servername and also group them by customer in case a customer has more that 1 back-up solution in their environment.
The colors reflect the status of the backup job, success warning, error, skipped/none
They can select a timeframe that needs to be shown, on a daily basis a week view would be fine, for long term reporting it might be like 3 moths in the same view
For now I am clueless, can somebody point me in the right direction?

Thank you


I think the best way to handle that is to create a chart in Vega similar to

This can give you enough flexibility to handle your case.

Thank you for the suggestion, that will be a nice challenge.
Just leaning Elasticsearch and now Vega but it looks promising :slight_smile:

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