Visualisation. Save box hidden by inspect box

Using Kibana 7.0.0
Looking through the inspect box while editing a visualization and hit save.
The save screen opens behind the inspect box, this however locks the inspect box and disallows for it to be closed to fully access the save button.
The cancel button on the save screen was accessible so had to hit Cancel, close the Inspect box and then re-attempt saving the visualization.
Guessing its just a matter of which window has priority over what and the save box locking everything else while not being on top.

@DustyMeg what's the browser and operating-system you're using?

That was with chrome on Windows 10 using.
Can get an exact chrome version tomorrow if needed

No worries -- my guess is that this is a bug in how we render windows in Kibana. I'll see if I can reproduce locally!

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