Visualization confusion - new pie chart layer includes previous layers

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I hope my screenshots can explain the problem simply. I created a pie chart that forms a range (percentage) of a few slices representing 0-100%
Each slice counts a separate set. However, see screenshots - each slice includes ALL the previous slices.
I need each slice to include itself only.
The UI gets stuck (timeout, never recovers) when I add the 5th layer. It's too much to calculate, since it is "recursively" going through all the previous layers.

This is not my expected behavior. Is there a way to tell the visualization not to include in my slice all the previous ones?

Screenshot 1 - with only 3 layers

Screenshot 2 - with more layers


(Lee Drengenberg) #2

I'm not sure what the relationship is between the different cpu_util fields that you're splitting the pie chart by. But each layer you add is splitting the previous slices by the new aggregation.

Here's an example that might help. I have data with a geo.src (source location of some messages). If I first split my pie by that (and only taking the default top 5 in this case) I get this pie chart;
(notice that I clicked on the little arrow under the chart to open this panel with a data table)
(the highest value in this case is CN with 2555 represented in green)

Now it might make sense to split those slices up by the geo-dest (the destination of the messages). I used a Terms aggregation again but it would work the same for the Range aggregation.
So the outer green at the top right of the pie represents the messages with geo.src=CN and geo.dest=CN because most of the messages in this data set were sent from CN to CN.
The data table below the pie shows each term of the inner circle split by each term of the outer circle.

I don't know if it makes sense with your data to split the buckets of the first aggregation by each of these next terms. It only makes sense if you're trying to see the relationship between the slices of each of those fields.

(Dor Juravski) #3

Is there a way to create those rings (=layers) with no relationship between them?
In their meaning to the person viewing there is a lot of relation between them. However, there is no data-relation between them.

I really like your example, and I will probably find ways to use this, but in my case I just need rings showing unrelated data, each one inside the other. It's powerful intelligence if I could achieve that or "break" the relations.

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

No. The only thing you could do would be to create individual pie chart visualizations and arrange them next to each other (or stacked) in a Dashboard.

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