Visualization of Large number of metrics

Hello list,

We have about 250 metrics that we are tracking for a complex system. They all come in as a big JSON entry, of type, metric:value.

A few questions:

  1. When trying to create a visualization to show time series of these metrics, is it possible to add in bulk the metrics? For example, now the workflow is:
    a. Y-axis: select aggregation
    b. Y-axis: select field (one of the metrics)
    c. X-axis sub-aggregations by term

This process takes a long time when done manually for say 15 metrics. Is it possible to edit a JSON to do this quicker? or select multiple metrics at the same time? rather than one by one?

  1. We want to maintain one dashboard with say 30 visualizations, and then change the index to apply it to different sites (we have site based indices), so that one dashboard can be reused on different datasets. In terms of user experience, instead of changing the index by "Settings -> indices -> default", can we put a link on a Markdown Widget, to that when you click on a particular entry in the widget, behind the scenes, the default index gets changed? If yes, whats how do we get this going?

Thanks in advance

  1. Yes, you can edit the JSON associated with a visualization. To do this, head to the Settings page, then click on the Objects tab, find the visualization and click on it. Then you'll edit the visState property.
  2. Currently, visualizations are tied to a specific index pattern, so you'd have to have different dashboards for each index pattern. You could certainly create a markdown widget that links to the different dashboard, but it wouldn't be possible to create a link to change the default index pattern.