Visualization of the JSON documents has become ugly

Kibana has become ugly in vewing JSON documents since some version, I'm not sure exactly which one, let's consider these two: v7.7.0 (normal) and v7.15.1 (abnormal).

The problem is developers has replaced browsers' native selection of the text with emulated selection, therefore many functions of context menu doesn't work anymore. Even copying selected text got impossible. Moreover, the performance of rendering has dramatically decreased, browsers are literally hanging during rendering visualization of JSON.

So, I call on developers. Please, return back the output of JSON inside 'pre' tag, do not wrap it into complex HTML structures, do not prevent browsers' native behavior on working with text.

Can you show me where you experience this in a screenshot?

a colleague pointed out to me that this menu is missing "copy" :man_facepalming:

will look for an issue and file one if there isn't one for this!

Edit: issue - [Discover] Can't right click --> Copy JSON in document flyout · Issue #134597 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

One note about performance, you are right about that, but we improved a lot in 7.17.3:

For small JSON docs it might still be slower, for large documents the new view is much, much faster due to virtualization of the content

Please use keyboard shortcuts for copying a selected text while we are looking into the issue with the context menu.

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