Visualization show date format have day of week in Kibana

My index have date time type attribute. I want to create visualize use date histogram aggregation with interval days. It will be show date format like 2020-12-02. But I want to date show format have day of week like 2020-12-02 Wed. Do you have any idea for this situation?
Thank you!


You could create a scripted field like this, this would prepare a custom field (but it's not useable with the date histogram aggregation):

But you could use a terms aggregation for your use case


Thank you for your reply.
I have already created visualization same as your idea. But if I use term aggregation and order by asc or dec, the order is wrong. Example: 2020-11-11 -> 2020-11-20 -> 2020-11-4 -> 2020-12-12 -> 2020-12-20 -> 2020-12-9. Can you config for this case order by date histogram?

Can you post a screen? thx

If I do follow this your way, the date with interval is day . How can I show visualization of date axis with interval is week?

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