Visualizations for Text Words in Kibana

I'm looking for a way to do visualizations, a graph or a counter, that searches for a keyword in a text paragraph. I have a description text field that is roughly a paragraph of text, and I want it to pull when a description has a certain word such as "Dog" or "Cat." Ultimately I would have a table that shows how many times the description field had one of these words, or a pie chart saying a description field had Dog X times or Cat X times.

Is there a way to do this?

@Stratoula_Kalafateli / @Marco_Liberati can we please get some help here?


What you could do is to create a runtime field which finds the occurrences of the word dog on the field and another one that finds the occurrences of the word cat on the field and then use it to Lens.

For example:
I create one runtime field as:

I am finding the occurrences of fox.

And then use it in Lens as:

Thank you, I'll try this today. Is there a way to simply give a flat response of yes or no for each field? In your example "one fox is a fox ma queue fox" it would return fox 3 times for that one field, correct? I would only want to know if fox existed in that field.

So example

Text One: "one fox is a fox ma queue fox"
Text Two: "one duck, two duck, three duck four"
Text Three: "more fox there are fox"

Three text samples, two of them mention fox, I need to know that fox occurred in to text samples, and not how many times it occurred in each sample (5 in this case).

Another way to phrase this is, in a list of entries with description fields, I want to know how many times a certain word was a subject within a description field, not how many unique counts of that word if it is said more than once in each description field.

So you want the number of the documents?
Something like that maybe? (example is from Lens)

Thank you, this last one worked perfectly. It is limited by which Lense can accept the formula in the right area but this does what I needed. Thanks!

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