Visualizations missing when export from old kibana system to new kibana system

I exported the dashboard and visualizations from old kibana system (version 6.3). And then I imported them to the new Kibana (version 7.6).

However, only a few of them are successfully imported. And many of them are missing.

Actually when I was importing the json file of the visualizations, I saw msg as below:
Support for JSON files is going away Use our updated export to generate NDJSON files, and you'll be all set.

What is NDJSON? My old kibana does not have it. I can only export those visualizations as JSON files.

Is it the reason that my old visualizations are missing in the new kibana system?

What is NDJSON?

NDJSON stands for "newline delimented JSON". This is a file format where each JSON object is stored on a newline. JSON stands for "JavaScript Object Notation".

Have you followed the upgrade steps from
It is recommended that you upgrade to 6.8 first and then upgrade to 7.6.

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